Public Jobs

Bids due in 35 days
4/23/19 2:00 pm
13056-015.1 Page #8800 Sanitary Sewer Repair (IR)
Metropolitan St Louis Sewer District
east of Interstate 170 and along Page Avenue, in the City of Overland, Missouri.
Approximately 196 lineal feet of 8” sanitary sewer which shall be installed by pipebursting methods, and appurtenances.
Bids due in 30 days
4/18/19 2:00 pm
12914-015.1 Glen Eagles Pump Station (P-189) Improvements
Metropolitan St Louis Sewer District
north of Lindbergh Boulevard and east of New Halls Ferry Road, in the City of unincorporated St. Louis County, Missouri.
Stabilizing an existing sinkhole and construction of an inlet and appurtenances.
Bids due in 52 days
5/10/19 2:00 pm
12472-015.1 DC-02 & DC-03 Sanitary Relief (Brentwood Blvd to Conway Rd) Phase III & IV
Metropolitan St Louis Sewer District
South of the confluence of Deer Creek and Two-Mile Creek near Overbrook Drive, crosses Interstate 64 and Clayton Road east of Warson Road and continues to Conway Road, east of Lindbergh Boulevard, in the City of Ladue.
The Contractor shall furnish all the materials, tools, equipment, labor to perform the installation of approximately 17,771 feet of 8-inch to 54-inch diameter sanitary sewers and appurtenances (including 4,871 feet of 8-inch to 54-inch tunnel/trenchless technology construction), 1,652 feet of sliplining 21-inch and 24-inch host pipe with 12 inch pipe, 1 junction chamber, 99 manholes, creek stabilization, installation of approximately 96 feet of 12 inch and 24 inch storm sewers and appurtenances, manhole rehabilitation of 9 existing manholes, manhole and sewer fill, seal and abandonment, elimination of 7 Constructed Sanitary Sewer Overflows, and other associated work.
Bids due in 9 days
3/28/19 2:00 pm
Lyon School Apartments
Pinnacle Contracting, Inc.
7417 Vermont Avenue
Bids due in 9 days
3/28/19 1:00 pm
SCLBC19-0011 LANDSCAPING Labor Blanket
University of Missouri - St. Louis
Hourly rates for Landscaping
Bids due in 28 days
4/16/19 2:00 pm
2019-002-402 Katherine Ward Burg Garden
Great Rivers Greenway
St. Louis, MO
Bids due in 9 days
3/28/19 2:00 pm
Riverview Gardens High School Band Room Renovation
TR,I Architects
Riverview Gardens, MO.
Renovation of the existing Band Room and other spaces with Building 8 on the Riverview Gardens High School Campus. This will include some minor demolition, construction of two Practice Rooms, new finishes including VCT flooring, paint, ceilings, along with others. This will include new lighting in the new ceilings. Two existing RTU units will be replaced which will include some ductwork.
Bids due in 38 days
4/26/19 2:00 pm
13264-015.1 Lemay WWTF Aeration Tunnel Ventilation Replacement (IR)
Metropolitan St Louis Sewer District
Replacement of the existing aeration tunnel ventilation equipment, including 10 supply and 9 exhaust fans, 10 coils, 10 pumps and associated ductwork, power wiring, and controls.
Bids due in 29 days
4/17/19 2:00 pm
11569-015.1 Harvest Hill Ct. Bank Stabilization
Metropolitan St Louis Sewer District
South of Manchester Road and east of New Ballwin Road, in the City of Ballwin, Missouri.
Construction of approximately 875 lineal feet of natural channel stabilization, 117 lineal feet of storm sewer varying in size from 24" to 48" in diameter and appurtenances.
Bids due in 24 days
4/12/19 3:00 pm
12840-015.1 Riverside and Yarnell Sanitary Relief Replacement
Metropolitan St Louis Sewer District
south of Interstate 44 and west of the Meramec River, in the City of Fenton, Missouri.
Construction of approximately 5,628 lineal feet of sanitary sewers varying in size from 12" to 42" in diameter, rehabilitation of 4 manholes, 5 point repairs and appurtenances.