GRG Bid# 2023-001-732A Mississippi Greenway: Trestle Repairs in St. Louis, Missouri

Great Rivers Greenway (Developer) is soliciting electronic bids via Bid Express for GRG Bid#2023-001-732A Mississippi Greenway: Trestle Repairs in St. Louis, Missouri. This work consists of repairs to the Iron Horse Trestle including concrete pier repair, steel repairs, removal of delaminated concrete for the bottom of concrete decks, removal of damaged ties, hardware, and equipment, and other removals included in the drawings and specifications. Scope includes traffic control, railroad coordination, and disposal of removed items as required to complete the work and includes furnishing all material, labor, tools, equipment, and supervision necessary for the construction of the items herein described, in accordance with all the requirements represented in the attached drawings and the specifications. Optional Pre-bid meeting onsite on 5/31/2023 at 9:00 AM CST.
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