1920 N. Broadway

Blackline Design and Construction is seeking qualified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE’s) & Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE’s) proposals for the interior and exterior alterations of the former American Brake Company Building located at 1920 N. Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102. Scope consist of: 02-Existing Conditions, 03-Concrete, 04-Masonry, 05-Metals, 06-Woods, Plastics, and Composites, 07-Thermal and Moisture Protection, 08-Openings, 09-Finishes,10-Specialaties, 11-Equipment, 12-Furnishings, 14-Conveying Equipment, 21-Fire Suppression, 22-Plumbing, 23-Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning, 26-Electrical, 27-Communications, 28-Electronic Safety and Security, 31-Earthwork, 32-Exterior Improvements, 33-Utilities.
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